Afro Tarot *SOLD OUT*
Afro Tarot *SOLD OUT*

Afro Tarot *SOLD OUT*

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Finally, a Tarot Deck for black people.
Jessi Jumanji’s Afro Tarot is an African centered divination tool, featuring cultures, places, symbols, and artifacts from all over the motherland.
This carefully curated 78-card deck combines authentic African imagery with the traditional Rider Waite tarot themes, making it perfect for all experience levels. Jessi Jumanji stays true to her afrofuturist collage style, creating vivid, ethereal compositions with each card.

The Afro Tarot was created for people of the African diaspora seeking to incorporate an ancestral aspect into their spiritual journey.

This custom deck features a custom rigid box for storage, Gold gilted edges, and a smooth laminate finish.


Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Best gift I ever received!!

This is my go to everyday deck. The size is just right size for my hands. The art is beautiful & the cards are smooth but not overly glossy so they shuffle like butter.

Lesley-Ann Brown
Excellent tarot deck!

I love my Afro Tarot "Sold out" deck! It's so beautiful and inspiring and is of the highest quality!

Lauren Allen
🤩 🥰I love it! Gliding is just a beautiful as the images 🥰.

Never have I bought a deck I didn’t have to break in to shuffle! I bought this deck for my ancestors readings and they 😍 it! Cards are feel sturdy and similar to playing cards. Images are so easy to read and this is one of my first decks that is so close to the riderwaite imagery (much appreciated). USPS is the worst with shipping though I think I paid more for shipping but it was lost in the sauce for 3 days and no update. Can’t stand the snail mail so if you order please be patient literally nothing anyone can do about USPS smh. I’m grateful my deck came in one piece! Love the Gold deck bag as well, tarot deck box is a beauty. Thanks soo much🥰

Portals of the Ancestors

I was delighted to get this deck. A deck that I deeply resonate with and where I can deepen my connection with my ancestors. I have a lot of to learn from this deck. The images feel like I am looking into portals, yet to be explored and remembered.

Thank you soo much for creating such a potent deck. Also, the gold edges!

Kimberly Park

Beautiful and exquisite a must have! powerful imagery!