The Afro Tarot II **ON SALE**

The Afro Tarot II **ON SALE**

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•Afro Tarot II (78-Card Deck)
• Comprehensive Guidebook (*FREE pdf version*)
• Tarot Bag for Storage/Carrying

The Afro Tarot was created for people of the African diaspora seeking to incorporate an ancestral aspect into their spiritual journey. This deck pays homage to Africa and depicts a variety of authentic artifacts, people, and places from all over the motherland.
3 years after its debut, Jessi Jumanji is introducing the sequel, The AFRO TAROT II.
The Afro Tarot II features modern imagery as well as ancient artifacts, giving an Afrofuturistic perspective to an age-old spiritual practice. This carefully curated 78-card deck adheres to traditional Rider Waite themes, but with an African influence.
The suits are as follows:
Disks : Pentacles
Daggers : Swords
Staffs : Wands
Vessels : Cups

This new and improved deck includes a comprehensive guidebook (available as a free PDF) detailing the meaning of each card, the significance of each person, place, and artifact, as well as photo credits. 
This deck features a custom rigid box for storage, and a smooth laminate finish.

Customer Reviews

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Kandyce Hansbrough
Part 2

This is my second Jessi Jumanji Deck… I really have no words to explain my connection to these cards.. They are truly unlike any other tarot cards I’ve used… and did I mention they are beautiful!! Each card is it’s very own work of art. Come on and let the ancestors speak to you!

Elo J.
New Favorite Deck

I love this deck even more than I thought I would. I like that I can rely on the Rider Waite traditional interpretation while getting some new insights from this deck’s exquisite art. 5 STARS!


The Afro Tarot II **ON SALE**


The Afro Tarot II **IN STOCK**

Célia Lutangu
My new fav Deck

i bought it for the design and the thematic of the deck, but i m amazed by the quality of the whole product. Even if i know the meaning of the tarot card i go often in the book to read the African proverbs. The cards are the best thickness. The velvet bag give one of to the Afro Tarot II luxury type of energy, i love everything about this purchase for real